Featured Applications

Fiberoptic Components is experienced in custom fiber optic cable design and manufacturing for medical, analytical, and industrial applications.

Laser Fiber Optics

Laser Fiber Optics, Laser Fiber Optic Cable

Fiberoptic Components helps world-class laser OEMs conceptualize, design, commercialize, manufacture and fulfill superior fiber optic cables and assemblies for a broad range of medical, analytical and industrial applications. 

High Power Fused Fibers

High Power Fused Fibers

At Fiberoptic Components (FOC), we understand that you need more than just component materials in the design of your fiber optic cable or sub assembly. You need the right materials, with specific properties that meet your product need.  In today’s demanding applications, illumination sources are requiring higher powers than past applications to meet a designer’s product requirement.

Disposable Medical Cables

Disposable medical cables

Fiberoptic Components (FOC) offers our OEM customers disposable, single-use, fiber optic cables as either Class I or Class II devices. Acting as a complete solutions provider, FOC provides a service to meet each client’s product specification–by working hand-in-hand with the client’s product development and engineering design team, and alleviating pressures throughout the production process – from design and validation through manufacturing and final packaging.