Fiber Optic Cables For Analytical Instruments

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Various analytical applications contain in their design a fiber optic component that delivers light to or from an intended target.

Our fiber optic designs, which encompass many different cable and sub system configurations used in conjunction with these instruments, are proving to assist our OEM customers with designs that separate them from their competition.                                                                            

Our product solution can be customized in many ways to yield exactly the features needed in analytical applications. For example, in the design of your application, with FOC’s wide manufacturing fiber drawing capabilities, our designers can choose a composition to optimize the fiber core to cladding ratio for the largest possible transmitting area or provide a very narrow transmitting area, an extremely critical specification in many spectrophotometer applications.

Molecular Imaging
DNA/RNA Sequencing
Laser Alignment Probes
Blood Gas analyzers
Photodynamic Therapy
Articulating Video Borescopes

For more information about how Fiberoptic Components can solve your analytical instrumentation requirements please contact us.