High Power Fused Fibers

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High Power Fused Fibers

At Fiberoptic Components (FOC), we understand that you need more than just component materials in the design of your fiber optic cable or sub assembly. You need the right materials, with specific properties that meet your product need.  In today’s demanding applications, illumination sources are requiring higher powers than past applications to meet a designer’s product requirement.

FOC offers both fused fiber optic bundles and/ or high power epoxies in its designs to meet high power demand.   These materials offer the versatility needed to precisely match the properties you require, including:

  • Strength
  • Hardness
  • Elasticity
  • Thermal 
  • Permeability

Fused fiber optic bundle sizes of  3,  3.5, and 4 mm diameters are available for your application requirements. Coupled with a line of high temperature epoxies, we are available to assist our clients in solving their high power product needs.  If necessary, Fiberoptic Components will work hand in hand with its epoxy suppliers to customize a solution that will meet particular material chemical properties, as well as cured and uncured physical properties that will satisfy your design criteria.  As a design partner, we are available to assist you in the development of your fiber optic application.

Across high temperature fiber optic applications, we deliver the technology you require - no matter where you need it, backed by decades of experience. Please email or call us to discuss your application requirements.