Industrial Fiber Optic Cables

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Fiber optic sensors are ideal for applications that are in-accessable to other forms of photoelectric sensors. Should your application require immunity to electrical interference (EMI/RFI), high vibration, extreme heat, noisy, wet, and corrosive environments, then these are a few advantages to strongly consider using fiber optic sensors.

Fiberoptic Components (FOC) offers OEM customers both individual (transmitted beam) and bifurcated (diffuse) sensing mode fibers. With a level of experience coupled with knowledge of product solutions that can be customized in many ways to yield exactly the features needed in different industrial photoelectric applications, we offer both glass and plastic fiber types, with various options of sheathing choices, including PVC and stainless steel, and unique sensing end tip selections.

FOC products are used in multiple application segments, including but not limited to: automotive, material handling, food processing, color sensing contrast, and work piece detection.  

Wavelength Range
Visible red or IR sources
High temp applications up to 900 Degrees F
Multiple choices*
Visible light sources
Lower temperature applications up to 158 Degrees F
Multiple choices*
* contact FOC to discuss your application


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