Endoscopic Lighting Applications

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Endoscopic Lighting Applications, Fiber Optic Cables, Surgical Headlight Fiber Optic Cables

With the evolution of Minimally-Invasive Surgical (MIS) techniques becoming more prevalent over the past 10 years, fiber optic illumination techniques have become a critical element in assisting physicians’ in their surgical procedures. As a result, FOC has seen significant growth in the customer design requirements for endoscopic fiber optic cables and surgical headlamp lighting applications using xenon and more recently LED illumination sources.  Each application provides unique challenges in offering a fiber optic cable solution.

Our team has many years of experience in both rigid and flexible endoscopic lighting applications to assist our OEM customers in meeting their design goals. Whether your application offers advanced visualization and treatment products for procedures related to a multitude of endoscopic applications, including but not limited to, sinuplasty, gastrointestinal endoscopy, or manual surgical instruments requiring fiber light pipe solutions, we can assist tailoring your needs that provide solutions which meet your lighting design requirements. 

Bundle Diameter
Cable Length
End Fittings
0.270 in
8 ft
0.120 in
10 ft

Fiberoptic Components, LLC has partnered with a market leader of surgical headlight fiber optic cables to provide custom designed high quality probes for their next generation xenon based illumination sources.