OEM Spinal Surgery Cables

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Spinal Surgery Cables, Medical Cables, FIber Optics, Fiber Optic Designs

Whether a minimally invasive spinal procedure is anterior, posterior or lateral based upon the patient diagnosis, spinal surgery techniques continue to call for smaller incisions resulting in the need to improve lighting visibility within the surgical field. Our fiber optic designs, which encompass many different configurations used in conjunction with spinal retractor systems, continue to be implemented in many of the largest global OEM spine companies.

The OEM product development engineering team at FOC continues to address, develop, and deliver customer specific designs and expertise meeting the needs of our medical device customers. We understand exactly what is required to get the most demanding complex project moving and deliver results within short deadlines.

Our product solution can be customized in many ways to yield exactly the features needed in different spinal applications. For example, with wide manufacturing drawing capabilities, our designers can choose a fiber composition over a broad range of numerical apertures, and provide the necessary mechanical components to cable our fibers or sub assembly configuration for our customers’ application.  The product design can then be offered in a disposable or non-disposable packaged cabling platform. We deliver our customers’ a complete illumination solution.   

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