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Fiber Optic Cable Assembles, Fiber Optic Cable Prototyping

Every idea that is created and evaluated begins with a conceptualization phase. All Fiberoptic Components engineering designs begin by understanding the OEM application with an initial engineering discussion, analysis, and possible prototyping to qualify the product’s operational requirements.  We understand this phase is just the beginning to develop a vendor/OEM partnership that creates an understanding between parties of ultimately realizing a final product solution.

There may or may not be a detailed vision of how your fiber optic cable or sub-assembly should perform. Our experienced project engineers are industry leaders that possess effective communications skills with years of fiber optics engineering experience.  By utilizing decades of fiber optic engineering expertise and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, our team can discuss and leverage multiple ideas and possibilities to customize your product leading to improved competitiveness, and raising your competitors’ barrier to entry.    

We focus our concept, design, and product manufacturing by considering:

  • Stakeholder goals
  • Technology challenges
  • Cost drivers
  • Time to market
  • Features
  • Branding
  • Aesthetics
  • Adaptation of Lean Manufacturing Principles

Let us assist you in tailoring solutions to meet your needs and bring your product to life.