Custom Fiber Optic Cable Design

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Fiber Optic Cable Design, Fiber Optic Drawings, Custom Cable Design

Fiberoptic Components, LLC offers a wide variety of customer and application specific products to support your OEM requirements. 

We manufacture fiber optic cables and assemblies with glass, plastic and quartz fibers. 

We offer a wide variety of sheathing options, with standard or custom end fittings for your application and operating environment. 

We partner with our OEM customers in the design, material selection and manufacturing for high temperature or other environmental needs, including: Biocompatibility, Steam Autoclave, ETO (Ethylene Oxide), Steris®, Sterrad®. 

Fiberoptic Components, LLC produces cables and connectors with the following features:

  • Borosilicate Fiber
  • Plastic Fiber
  • Quartz Fiber
  • Chemical Resistant Sheathing
  • Custom Sheathing Colors
  • Specialized Adaptors
  • Engineering Thermo Plastics
  • Stainless Steel Sheathing
  • Exotic Metals