Total Lifecycle Support Services

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As an integrated fiber optics solutions provider, Fiberoptic Components (FOC) offers customers complete OEM solutions with levels of value-add services and flexibility at the lowest total cost.

Our applications specific expertise translates into a rapid understanding of technologies, our customer application requirements, and a solid understanding of our customers’ product needs, to offer a full Product Lifecycle support program which encompasses:

  • Initial proof of product concept
  • Multiple phases, if required, of rapid prototyping based upon NPD tollgate process
  • Testing and commercialization of a new product
  • Integrated manufacturing capabilities including drawing custom fiber
  • Custom packaging based upon sterile or non-sterile product requirements
  • Fulfillment Services – various kanban programs to meet your supply chain logistics

By partnering with our OEM engineering team early in the proof of concept or design phase, we can ensure an optimal design for our customers’ supply chain needs. This is achieved by offering our customers options of multiple kanban programs to achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, allowing FOC to drive supply chain accountability, minimize customer risk, and thus meet our customers’ production demands.

If your goal is to have one proven supplier provide a custom or current design packaged product solution for your fiber optic cable or sub assembly product need, please contact us for further information and allow us to discuss your application requirements.